1st Revelation

1st Revelation Tattoo is Weatherford’s premier Christian owned tattoo shop located at 1716 Fort Worth Highway, and is owned and operated by artist Tod Bain and his wife, Wendi.

We offer professional, custom tattooing and body piercing in a sterile and comfortable environment. With our name derived from the book of Revelation in the Bible, our goal is to set a different standard for our clients than what they might experience at other tattoo shops. We focus on operating our business with morality and providing an environment for everyone to feel welcome.

Getting a tattoo should be a positive experience and we pride ourselves on being able to provide that for our clients. You’re not just getting a tattoo, you’re getting a permanent piece of living art! Our artists are experienced and specialize in a variety of different genres of tattooing. They each have their own unique and personal style which means no matter what kind of tattoo you want, we can deliver. But we don’t want you to just take our word for it. Check out their portfolios! You can lurk on each artists portfolio in our gallery, or better yet–come into the shop and flip through their books and talk to the artists themselves about making your appointment today!

Thanks for checking us out. You are already one step closer to awesomeness.


Tod has always been passionate about art. During his eight year career in the United States Marine Corps, he traveled to many countries all over the world and experienced different cultures that have influenced his style of art. In 1998, he began working at the front desk at a local shop in Oceanside, California. He eventually got his own equipment and started practicing on his buddies in the barracks. Although he had always been a talented artist, his “big break”” as a tattoo artist didn’t come until 2001 when one of the artists at the shop didn’t show up for work. The owner told Tod to bring in his machines and get to work, and so it began.

Tod quickly made a name for himself and over the years became one of the better known tattoo artists in San Diego county. Demand for his work increased as he traveled to conventions, and out of state to accommodate clients from all over. In a huge step of faith, Tod and his family moved to Weatherford, TX in 2008. Within one year, against all odds, they were blessed with the opportunity to open their own shop.

With over 18 years of experience in the tattoo industry, his portfolio proves that no matter what style his clients request from him, he is able to deliver. While his clientele continues to grow, Tod continues to push himself to grow as a well rounded artist. With every piece he works on, he tries different techniques and ideas to make each tattoo a unique piece of art. You can see his work in numerous tattoo magazines as well as on the skin of sweet band dudes such as August Burns Red, WovenWar, and Hell or Highwater.