1st Revelation

1st Revelation Tattoo is Weatherford’s premier Christian owned tattoo shop located at 1716 Fort Worth Highway, and is owned and operated by artist Tod Bain and his wife, Wendi.

We offer professional, custom tattooing and body piercing in a sterile and comfortable environment. With our name derived from the book of Revelation in the Bible, our goal is to set a different standard for our clients than what they might experience at other tattoo shops. We focus on operating our business with morality and providing an environment for everyone to feel welcome.

Getting a tattoo should be a positive experience and we pride ourselves on being able to provide that for our clients. You’re not just getting a tattoo, you’re getting a permanent piece of living art! Our artists are experienced and specialize in a variety of different genres of tattooing. They each have their own unique and personal style which means no matter what kind of tattoo you want, we can deliver. But we don’t want you to just take our word for it. Check out their portfolios! You can lurk on each artists portfolio in our gallery, or better yet–come into the shop and flip through their books and talk to the artists themselves about making your appointment today!

Thanks for checking us out. You are already one step closer to awesomeness.

Tattoo Aftercare

What you need:

  • Antibacterial soap
  • Aquaphor Ointment (made by Eucerin)
  • Fragrance-free Lotion (such as Lubriderm)

What you do:

  • A few hours after you get your tattoo, remove bandage and wash gently with antibacterial soap using only the palm of your hand. (Do not scrub!)
  • Gently pat dry with a clean towel and let air dry for a few minutes.
  • Apply a THIN LAYER of Aquaphor ointment and re-bandage with plastic saran wrap. Be careful not to wrap too tightly. This will keep moisture in and dirt out, not to mention save your sheets while you sleep!
  • The next morning, remove bandage and wash with warm water and antibacterial soap, using – you guessed it – only the palm of your hand! (Still NO scrubbing!)
  • Do not re-bandage, just wear loose clothing that will not irritate or hinder the tattoo.
  • Wash tattoo daily and apply a thin layer of aquaphor for the first 2 days. 
  • After 2 days, continue to wash daily and apply fragrance-free lotion such as Lubriderm a few times a day as needed.
  • The tattoo should heal in approximately 10 days. (Healing times vary.)

Helpful Tips

  • The tattoo will peel like a light scrape or sunburn. This is normal.
  • Do NOT pick or scratch it! This could cause scabs to fall off prematurely and pull out some of the pigment, leaving light spots in your tattoo.
  • Stay out of the sun, chlorinated and salt water until the tattoo is fully healed.
  • After healing is complete, use a high SPF sunblock to protect the tattoo from fading.
  • If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call


What you need:

  • Antibacterial or Antimicrobial soap
  • H2Ocean (sea salt&sterile saline solution spray)
  • Bactine (optional)

What you do:

For EXTERNAL piercings:

  • Use a Q-tip and antibacterial or antimicrobial soap to clean your piercing at least 3x a day.
  • Spray H2Ocean directly on to your piercing, or use a Q-tip or cotton ball to soak fr a few minutes.
  • You can also use an antiseptic such as Bactine.

For ORAL piercings:

  • Rinse with Listerine or warm water with sea salt 2-3x a day until healed.

Helpful Tips:

  • Do NOT use: Ointments! They hold in dirt + oil + sweat, which can lead to infection.
  • Do NOT use: Rubbing alcohol or peroxide!
  • Do NOT change out jewelry before piercing is properly healed. 
  • Healing times vary. Your piercer will let you know the normal healing time for your particular piercing.
  • Follow these instructions exactly to ensure proper healing.

If you have any questions or show any signs of infection, allergic or adverse/abnormal reaction resulting from your piercing or tattoo, please call the shop at (817) 594-7566 immediately. If infection occurs, medical attention is required to get an antibiotic.